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BBC Radio Interview Mike Yates on Why Business Failure Rates Are So High

I was interviewed on BBC radio recently regarding the failure rates of businesses in the first ten years of trading which is currently at around 96%.  Although there’s a mountain of blame on the ‘recession’ at the moment most business failures point to some simple indicators that, if addressed in time, can turn around any business Listen here to find […]

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How To Grow Your Business To The Next Level

There are a number of perceptions around business success that warrant a closer look, so this month I thought we’d take a look at a particular pattern that three of the most successful people in business history have used that we can also model for ourselves in our own business growth: Andrew Carnegie: One of […]

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How To Achieve Outrageous Business Success

Have you ever noticed that, in any industry, you will always find that there are a very small percentage of ‘top players’ in that particular field? Have you also noticed (and I bet you have) that what’s even more frustrating is that you may be 100% sure that you’re as… good as them technically (if […]

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Three Essential Elements For Business Success

To build successful businesses there are Three Elements all entrepreneurs eventually learn that are essential for increasing revenues and profits.  Many business owners learn by a ‘trial and error’ approach over a number of years, however the … game of business has been very well researched over the years through feedback and study of entrepreneurs […]

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Business Coaching? 7 Reasons Why Business Coaching May Radically Increase Your Business Profits

I was talking the other day with a business owner about their business and I mentioned how I help business owners through a mixture of Business Coaching, Training, Consulting, Education, Motivation and just a little bit of… Inspiration (as a sounding board and ideas generator).  They were a little bit shocked when I pretty much described […]

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Bite-Sized Sales Success Master Class

One of the keys in winning business over your competitors is to gain ‘the edge’ in sales techniques – including a systemised approach to sales.  This is going to be   more and more essential in the months to come as business gets tougher (which, believe me, it will – but only for those that […]

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