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How to Manage Time More Effectively

How to Manage Time More Effectively One of the most common things that I come across working with people in business (especially business owners) is the comment that ‘I just have too much to do and not enough time to do it’.  This generally sums up… one of the major feelings of ‘stress’ in business […]

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How to Handle Sales Objections

One of the most common fears that most people have in the area of sales seems to be around the time when they start getting… those ‘objections’ from the prospective client.  It would be so much easier if they would just say ‘yes’ wouldn’t it? ….well, what happens if you consider that an objection is actually […]

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It was a Sell Out!

Imagine that…a seminar about sales..and it was a sell out!  Well, to be more specific… this seminar was aimed at a certain part of the sales process, namely Closing the Sale.  Hence the major interest, as many people I talked with on the night admitted that this was one area that they found a little on the […]

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Do What You Love…

As January draws to a close, it’s been an interesting start to the year. Slightly different to last year in that … I seem to have been bombarded by more ‘get rich quick’ e:mails than ever! ‘make 2007 your wealthiest year yet’ ‘how to be a millionaire in 2007 by following these easy steps’ ‘how to earn more money than ever’.’Get this’. ‘Get that’.  There […]

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First Race this Year…

One of my various hobbies is…. rowing!  This weekend saw the first event of the year which was the Cambridge Rowing Association (CRA) winter league.  There are a couple of things which were a little different for us for this event (what do you mean I’m making excuses already!?).  First being that our club (St Ives Rowing […]

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First Things First!

Well at last the new website is finally coming together after months of reviewing, tweaking and adjusting! Now it’s just a matter of further adding to the site as we go- lot’s of ideas coming on that front – keep updated by signing up for our regular business tips and the monthly newsletter! It’s also […]

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