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Mike Yates. Business Growth Specialist, coach, speaker and author…

Mike Yates - Sales ImprovementMike Yates

As a business growth specialist, business coach, speaker and author (based in St Ives, Cambridge UK) Mike Yates inspires, educates, motivates, trains and coaches business owners to attain their business and lifestyle goals and to accelerate their business growth and success.  Using some of the most advanced business tools and strategies, he practices the belief that running a business should be a fun and rewarding experience which encourages a life / work balance that enables business owners to work to live and not vice versa.  He’s fascinated by what makes people sink or swim in business!

Mike has over 20 years of hands on experience building and running businesses whilst also working with business owners and their sales teams to increase their sales levels and performance. This has resulted in learning many of the pitfalls that go hand in hand with running any business.  During this time the application of this knowledge gained has made it possible to help other business owners make substantial changes in their levels of personal and business performance results.  If you were to ask Mike why working with him will be a little different, his answer would be ‘simplicity’ – being able to break down the building of your business into a series of simple steps and actions.  Also identifying many of the common traits that hold us back from seeking the goals we desire.

This ‘simplistic’ business approach and a fascination with what makes highly successful serial entrepreneurs ‘tick’ was the main catalyst for Mike to retrain as a business coach and mentor and form 121 Business Ltd early in 2003. Since then, he’s worked with hundreds of owners of small to medium sized businesses and has been personally mentored and trained by some of the best names in the field of business development (Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Neil, Peter Thomson and Brian Tracy to name just a few).  He has also shared in many client success stories (see a small selection in our testimonials section).

Mike is an accomplished speaker and regularly speaks on various business topics nationally and internationally.  He also writes business articles for national magazines.  Additionally he is highly involved with local and national charities and has just been shortlisted for an award for ‘Business in the Community’.

The ongoing success with this business can be attributed to the bespoke approach with every business owner that we work with: taking stock of where you are right now, where you want to take your business, and then working together focusing on all areas of the business model to maximise results. Each business model is then systematically improved through implementing tried, tested and proven methods in each area.  He is currently also developing another business to compliment this business (more details soon!)

The 121 Business Vision

The overiding passion and reason for setting up this Business is to help you and your business.  To do this by inspiring, educating, training, motivating and coaching you to increase your business revenues and profits whilst ensuring a healthy work / life balance. To that end we will provide you with the opportunity (through our products and services) to lead an outstanding life…”

Mike Yates

To further enable you, as the owner of a small to medium sized business to:

  • Get Unstuck and Get Moving 
  • Maximise Your Business Profits
  • Minimise You Own Time Input
  • Run Your Business as a Fun and Rewarding Venture
  • Be Ready to Capitalise on any Opportunities That Come Your Way
  • Be Able to Work ‘On’ Your Business Rather Than ‘In’ It
  • Be the Best ‘You’ You Can Be!