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121 Business Booster Clinic

There are a number of ways in which we can help you jump start your business growth and focus your skills at running your business.  The level that is right for you depends on the solution you’re looking for, your investment level and how fast you desire improvement and change with your business.  A starting point for you may be:

121 Business Booster Clinic:

You may want to try our 121 Business Booster Clinic if:

  • You are a business owner and you need to gain some impartial, external advice on your current business
  • You realise that there are things within your business that are frustrating you and possibly holding you back
  • You could really use a sounding board for some solutions to your current frustrations
  • You’ve heard about working with a coach and business growth specialist but you’re not sure where to start

What do you need to do next?

  • Contact us through the contact sheet on this link and we’ll let you know the times and dates of the next clinic.
  • This meeting is all about you – so you need to lay out an agenda of what you’d like to talk about at the 121 Business Booster Clinic. Tell us a little of the background of your business and the issues that are currently frustrating you and may be holding you back at present. Outline some of the goals that you would like to achieve and what you consider is preventing you from achieving these goals. Send this agenda over by fax or email (all client information is treated in the strictest confidence). Also include what actions you are currently taking in the areas of sales and marketing at the moment
  • Arrange a mutually convenient time to meet at our offices for a meeting up to 90 minutes. We will then talk with you through your agenda and give you an outline of some of the options that are open to you in your current situation. This may include ways that we can help you along with a simple proposal.

What do You need to Invest to attend the 121 Business Booster Clinic?

As this meeting involves us getting face to face it involves your time and effort to meet with us at our premises. That’s it. You will receive a free appraisal of your business. You may ask why this is a free meeting. Good question! It’s a great way for us to meet up and for you to discover how this business can help your business. At the end of the meeting you are free to take away any advice and action plan notes you receive to use this as you wish. You may also use this meeting as your assessment of whether you would like to take our meeting a stage further.