Business Growth Programme

Business Growth Programme

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”
Bob Nardelli – Fortune Magazine, 07/01/02 

Our 121 Business Growth Program is tailor made for each and every business we work with. It come’s in a number of different formats:

We recommend that our Growth Programmes will normally start with your 121 Business Growth Plan (although this is not always essential). This will define you’re your requirements, objectives and desired outcomes for our time together. At this point we will decide on the frequency of the calls (weekly, twice monthly or monthly) and the initial recommended duration of the Programme*.

The Benefits:

Mike only coaches one on one with a limited number of businesses at one time. The 121 Business Growth Programme gives you access to work personally with Mike (or one of his associates) either face to face, by telephone or a combination of the two. It is, without doubt the fastest way to accelerate and leverage the results you desire for yourself and your business. It will also give you direct access to a Business Growth System that will ensure that you build your business and address outstanding issues that are holding you back at a comfortable level for you. Our systems are designed to quickly get to the root of common problems such as time management, leadership, team issues and recruitment issues, profit improvement, Structuring your Business and much, much more. Have you read enough already? Could this for be for you?

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*Please note: Our 121 Business GrowthProgrammes are a combination of coaching, consulting, training and education designed to accelerate your personal and business growth. They are not however ‘quick fixes’. Through experience gained by working with many business owners, we have found that to effect lasting change (both with you as business owner and the results you desire from your business) takes time and effort on both sides.  Therefore the 121Business Growth Programme should be viewed as an ongoing investment in you and your business and we would normally expect to be working with you for a set amount of time (we will agree this during our first meeting). This will ensure that you see lasting change within yourself and your business.  If this is not for you and you are unable to make this type of commitment at this stage then you may also like to try 121 Business Booster Clinic, MasterClasses, Products