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Here’s what other businesses are saying about us:

Here’s just a selection of testimonials kindly provided by people in business who have already attended our various seminars, training and speaking events:

‘Hi Mike, Thanks for the excellent seminar yesterday. Well presented. Thanks and kind regards.’
Sandra Klein, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Keronite PLC

‘Morning Mike. On behalf of the Business Women’s sector thank you for your excellent presentation on Tuesday night. The feedback forms certainly show that it was a very good event. Of the forms collected 99% ticked 4’s or 5’s for the overall satisfaction. A number of people I spoke to on their way out also commented that it was very useful, so thank you for being part of it!’                

Helen Bosett, Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

‘Hi Mike. It was very good to meet you last week at the inspirational speakers event in Ipswich. I very much enjoyed your talk – it really made me think about the potential of my business!’

Clive Oakes.  Fuel Creative Solutions Limited

‘Dear Mike. I really enjoyed your presentation – price perception is very important and you did get me thinking about how I can reposition my offer.’

Richard Wishart, Delivery Management

‘Hi Mike. Thanks for your presentation last night on price perception. It reminded me of far too many marketing catastrophes I’ve seen over hmm?… a long time. As a retired Marketing Director, thank goodness that there are *still* some screamingly obvious mysteries for our clients to pay us to resolve :). It was a great way to start the evening and the audience participation helped people relax. Looking forward to seeing you at another session’

Jayne Alexander

‘I did enjoy your Monday presentation on price perception and it linked in very well with Gary’s presentation which was a lot about perception, specifically that which comes from Customer Service. Building up the intangible assets of a company in this way is one way to improve share prices of the organisation and the companies value when sold. Why do so many British companies pay Customer Service lip service and not measure the perception? Anyway two great points for people to reflect on.’

Mal O’Neil

‘Thanks for your presentation on Wednesday Mike, you had everyone engrossed and looking forward to hearing more.’  

Lynne Holden.  President, Hinchingbrooke Rotary Club

‘Thanks for these – they are really good’ (Maxine comments on our ‘121 Top Tips’!)

Maxine Lester, Director.  Maxine Lester Residential Lettings.

‘I get quite a number of newsletters from various companies and most of them just get ‘filed’… however this is always good inspirational stuff!!!
(Steve comments on our ‘121 Top Tips’) 

Steve Howes, Director. Tesseration Ltd and GridSure Ltd. 

‘Hi Mike – just thought you would like to know that we won the training for ******* and *******. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing this week from a load of flyers and e-mails we have sent – you have probably had some as you are in the address book too!. Thanks for all your help.’

Diane Smith, Director. RSP Safety Services Ltd

‘Really enjoyed the presentation.’

Susan Glynn-Williams, Greenwoods

‘Great, very interesting, instructive and helpful!’                                     

Celia Johns, Business in the Community