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As January draws to a close, it’s been an interesting start to the year. Slightly different to last year in that …

I seem to have been bombarded by more ‘get rich quick’ e:mails than ever!

‘make 2007 your wealthiest year yet’ ‘how to be a millionaire in 2007 by following these easy steps’ ‘how to earn more money than ever’.’Get this’. ‘Get that’.  There is a common thread about these e:mails too, namely how to get rich quick with minimal effort by signing up to the latest seminar, product or programme.

Here’s the idea: There are short cuts through some clever programme or course on some new clever idea that is going to lead you to instant, almost effortless, financial wealth.

Well guess what.  There aren’t.

True financial wealth and freedom takes hard work and determination.  I say financial wealth because in my books wealth comes in two parts: financial wealth and spiritual wealth.  To have both is a true measure of ‘success’.  In my time I have met some extremely wealthy people who are also very spiritual people.  In fact they fascinate me.

This reminds me of what I call the ‘serial information gatherer’.  The business owner who continuously attends course after course but never seems to get any further forward in life because they never take action and their focus is all over the place.  They think that the next course will give them the essential piece of information that…and so repeats the pattern.  It’s great for the suppliers of the seminar, training or product but not so good for the person who ends up jumping from idea to idea for the ‘next great thing’.

If you take a look at some of the most successful people in business and ask them about how they have made their millions it has actually been much more about passion to deliver a service than anything to do with money.  Not to say that it’s not good to want nice things and be financially free. It certainly is – but it’s also about life balance and focus isn’t it? This has led me on to one of my goals this year for training business owners – more on that in coming blogs.

So how do you focus your mindset and take action?

Consider a specific goal – one that when you think of it gets you really fired up!

If you can’t then consider this question: ‘If there was one thing that you would love to do in your life then what would it be?’

Next Question: ‘Are you already doing that within your business?’

If not: ‘what changes do you need to make in your business to do align yourself and fulfil your passion?’

It’s only when you truly feel aligned with your passion that you will experience true ‘success’ and ‘wealth’ in business



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