Some business owners share their thoughts on working together to grow their businesses…

Here’s a selection of testimonials of current and past clients who have kindly allowed their experiences to be published on this site:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Working with Mike on the 121 Business Growth coaching Program initially took what I thought was valuable time up! However, once I became more focused and I delegated tasks to others the business started growing in every area – including profit.  My own personal goals were becoming a realisation and the team started to work for me instead of holding me back.  Yes, we have lost team members as the company has grown and changed for the better.  Whereas I was worried about this before, I realise now that this was a necessary process to go through to grow the business.  Mike also introduced a simple and yet effective recruitment system that has helped us find ideal new team members.  Mike is now working closely with us on specific projects such as a customer care system and ongoing team recruitment, selection and sales training.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to others”

Mark Fryer. Managing Director. Cambs Compressor Eng Ltd.Cambs Compressors Website

“121 Business helped me to discover exactly why I was in business – then showed me the route to get to where I didn’t even know I wanted to go! My business has improved by 50% already – guaranteed! Thanks Mike!”

Ray Smith, Managing Director, RSP Safety Services Ltd.

“121 Business has transformed our understanding and, in turn, our approach to the way we manage and promote our company.  It has been educational, stimulating and, above all, very enjoyable.  For businesses who are struggling to move forward this coaching is an ideal way of helping a company to meet it’s full potential

Simon and Hannah Lea.  Directors.  Saltream Ltd. Saltream Website

 “Working with Mike Yates on the 121 Business Growth Program has been very in depth and constructive so far.  We have made rapid progress by initially updating our product offering, putting various business procedures (systems) in place and Mike has helped us to develop a new and refreshing approach to gaining new business.  We also have developed a new aftercare package for our customers.  If we had to pick one thing we have learnt to date by our working with Mike then it would be gaining a new direction on our marketing.  Working with Mike on the GrowthProgram has given us increased inspiration, confidence and a new perspective on our business.  We have also gained focus and results on areas that needed to be improved within the business such as communication issues with the team. We now have a set  business improvement plan in place and are integrating the targets that we have set in various areas within the business with Mike.”

Nick Clark. Managing Director. Pig Out Catering. Pig Out Catering WebSite

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Working together with Mike has resulted in a number of benefits to myself and my business.  The first thing that comes to mind is that I am now able to delegate more effectively which has directly impacted on the amount of time I spend working ‘in’ the business.  Interestingly enough this time saving has also meant that I have been able to focus more on the profit side of the business too.  By making adjustments to my old working routine I no longer need to work Saturdays and I would estimate that I have saved one day per week on my previous working methods.  This has also meant that I spend more quality time at home with my family whilst also enjoying ongoing improvements to the business.  I am now far more focused and have a much more capable team who fully understand the complete product range.  On the profit side just introducing one sales strategy into the business resulted in an immediate increase in sales of 20% per month.  Working with Mike has really helped me focus what I needed to do to take my business forward…”

Steve Damallie.  Managing Director. CartridgeWorld. St Neots. Cartridgeworld website