All About You

What’s Stopping You From Improving Your Business Right Now?

As you may imagine… our working 121 with many businesses has given us a clear indication of the ideal profile of Business Owners, like you, who will Benefit most from utilising our services. Do you see yourself here? and if so have you considered what might happen if you took a step back from your business and gained additional focus that could radically improve your personal and business performance.

To start then, let’s see if you can identify yourself here…

Is your business a gambleIs this you?

You are the owner of small business, less than five yrs old with around five or less employees. You are running your business by trial and error. Running and growing a business is relatively new to you and you have now realised that there must be an easier way to grow your business!

You may feel ‘stuck’ working ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ your business and now realise you need help.

Or This?

Success keyYou are the owner of a more established business up to £2m turnover with twenty or less employees. Although the business is going ok you may now feel that things could be going more smoothly and growth could be faster. You know there’s more potential but may still feel that you haven’t found the ‘key’ to greater success yet. You want more sales and more focus that you know will lead to more profits. You realise that you need outside support to help you work further on your strengths and, more importantly, strengthen your weaknesses. You may have team, time and focus issues.

Maybe this?

Concept SolvingYou own a growing business (£2-£5m + turnover). You’re driven, successful and ambitious. You have vision, ideas and you know you have a lot more to give. You may be curious as to why Tiger Woods has a coach (he is, after all, the very best in his field) and you may also be wondering just how good coaching would be for you and your business too. You could feel that a sounding board for your ideas would be extremely useful to you. You may also have a number of internal and structural issues within the business that external input, tried and tested strategies and personal coaching will help you to overcome.

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