Business Growth Plan

Business Growth Plan

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”
Fitzhugh Dodson

121 Business Growth Plan is the combined coaching and planning process we recommend you go through prior to our working together on one of our 121 Business Growth Programmes. It forms stage 2 of our Business Growth System for business owners who are serious about making change in their life and business and taking their business to the next level. It can also be used as a stand alone goal setting and planning product for you to take away and use in your business by yourself. Most business owners have found, however, that self change is not always straightforward and the accountability that coaching gives will drive them forward to ensure they keep on track with their goals.

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121 Business Growth Plan is normally carried out face to face and is designed to help you to focus on exactly where you are now in your life and business, challenges that you are experiencing in the various areas of business and your goals and ideals for yourself and your business for the future. This process is two fold. It is a relaxed 121 session that may last a number of hours and involves a powerful questioning process that will focus you on your current reality and the areas that need attention within all areas of your business. This then gives us the opportunity to find out where you would like your business to be in a set timeframe and what may need to be done to get you there. Depending on the level of plan you select, you will then be provided with a hard copy of our meeting and an agreed outline plan to take your business forward. It will be at this stage that we will both decide the best route forward for you and your business.

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