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“Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more than £100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.”
Fortune Magazine

You have massive potential within you to dramatically affect your life and increase your business performance right now.

Sales Growth ObjectionsWe all do. Unlimited potential. Your unlimited potential is only limited by your current performance. Your current performance is limited by your own self imposed limiting beliefs around your business, yourself and your life. Self limiting beliefs can be fear (in its many forms) and the many mental programmes that we run day in day out that we have learnt as we have grown up. Some of these programmes are outdated and just not applicable to our current situations.

Then there is knowledge – ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’. We all learn to do things in certain ways. We may think these are the best ways (and sometimes think that ‘there are no other ways’) until, of course we find, or are shown new ways to do things. Suddenly we may then get that ‘A-ha’ moment and implement ideas that can massively change our lives. At 121 we like to give you more ‘A-ha’ moments…

We work with business owners like you to help you to gain new insights about yourself, your business and your life.  We also aim to radically increase your own ‘A-ha’ moments which will add spice, fun and energy to you and your business! You see, most business owners try and reinvent the wheel. They waste time learning the ropes of running a business when they can fast track their business and massively accelerate their business growth profits and personal development.  They spend their money on ineffective marketing only to end up broke and frustrated. They get sucked into the day to day running of the business and run their businesses by ‘trial and error’. They aren’t focusing on working further on their own strengths and more importantly on their own weaknesses. They either don’t know the most effective ways to run their business, or if they do they don’t get time to implement their ideas as they are always ‘running’ the business.  In a nutshell, over a period of time, they get tired, worn out and frustrated.

How can 121 Business help you?  Because all businesses intrinsically work the same way. By implementing our tried, tested and researched methods in sales, marketing, systems, finance and so on it is possible to re engineer and radically increase the growth and performance of any business.  Add to that the massive self development of the business owner and you have the formula for an explosion in business profits and the amount of time you are spending working ‘on’ your business as opposed to ‘in’ it.  Have you read enough already? Could this for be for you? Take action: Click here

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