Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Smaller growing businesses. As a business owner you realise it makes sense to invest in accelerating your business and personal growth. You understand that you may need specialist outside help to do this: to get cash flow into your business and start to get your business structure and systems into place whilst clarifying and planning your vision for the future. Typically 1-10 employees.  Is this you? Curious how this business may be able to help you and your business? Contact us now.

Medium sized growing businesses. As an already successful entrepreneur you also now realise it’s time to get specialist help to work on your strengths. More importantly you are also discovering that you need help in getting to grips with some of your weaknesses as you realise that this is what will drive you forward to the next level. You may have a number of areas of focus that require addressing as your business has grown. Typically 10 to 200 + employees. Do you see yourself here? Take action – Contact us now

What is a Typical Client?

You may be surprised to learn that with all of business owners I have personally coached face to face, there are a number of relatively common traits that surface time and time again. Namely: time management, delegation, team productivity issues, recruitment issues, marketing, poor profits, lack of focus, loss of direction – the list goes on. Most business owners have great strengths in certain areas (e.g. sales) but lack these strengths in other areas (e.g. empowering their team members), once these areas have been identified it’s then a matter of planning a way forward to further drive their business, whilst ensuring that you, the business owner, are firmly in the driving seat.

That said, we pride ourselves on outstanding relationships with our clients as your increased success further increases our own success. For our relationship to be successful there are a number of qualities that we look for prior to our working together. These are:

You are the owner, director or entrepreneur of a growing, independently owned business. You may already have issues around the marketing, growth, strategy, team and personal management of your business to date. You are ambitious and driven, yet at the same time realise you need focus to take your business to the position of being able to generate excess cash flow whilst also not being reliant on you being there to work ‘in’ the business. You will be open to new ideas and be willing to come out of your comfort zone and withstand constructive criticism where necessary. You realise that you will enhance your business and personal performance through specialist help and are willing to invest both time and money to get you to your goal. Are you open to new ideas?

Lastly: we’re not in the business of ‘quick fixes’ (the ‘magic wand’ is not generally used during calls – although magic can (and does) happen in it’s many forms with many of the business owners we work with!) From experience, to effect lasting change and results within any business takes time, effort and commitment on both sides. Over time, this will give you the magic result you’re looking for…