Bad News Sells Because That’s What We Want Isn’t It?

I was in the newsagents last weekend, when I noticed an older gentleman in front of me…

scouring the shelves.  I eventually proceeded to the checkout with various purchases.  Just as I was finishing my payment, this man came up behind me and chirped up to the cashier “You know I was looking for a newspaper this morning but all of the headlines are so miserable, I don’t think I’ll bother!”.  And with that he walked out of the shop smiling to himself.

Now this got me thinking!  How many of us day in, day out shape our day by listening and watching the negative news, reading the negative stories  and generally taking in others negative ‘opinions’ on life and us?

And, more to the point, what if we’ve just done it so much that we don’t even realise we’re doing it anymore (it’s become part of our lives)?

And, in the case of this gentleman, what if we suddenly came to the realisation that our own ‘routine’ was just not necessarily serving us to make the most of each and every day?

That if we broke one simple habit we may (just may!) gain a completely different result?

What single habit could you break in your business today that you may have just realised is not getting you the results you’re looking for?

Go do it now…

To Your Success,

Mike Yates

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