First Things First!

Well at last the new website is finally coming together

after months of reviewing, tweaking and adjusting! Now it’s just a matter of further adding to the site as we go- lot’s of ideas coming on that front – keep updated by signing up for our regular business tips and the monthly newsletter!

It’s also time for the very first blog! It’s been an interesting month getting up to speed with all of the opportunities that the internet has to offer including the world of podcasting and blogging! (I do love these words!).  Podcasting shall have to wait though! So as the weeks progress you can look forward to the ramblings, ideas and goings on in the life of Mike Yates!

This week has seen a number of exciting developments on the products front (more on that in future blogs) with some neat ideas all aimed at inspiring and helping  those in business to maximise their businesses.  January has seen a complete revue of the business goals and direction for 2007 – enhancing the services offered along with working out what I’d like to do on the charity front this year!  I have decided to continue with a local charity called Saxongate which is a groundbreaking project that will help disabled people integrate further into the local community.  After helping to raise £ 2 million to get the centre opened (which we did with great success in september 2006!) we are now targeting £ 50,000 per year for the next 3 years to fund the running costs until the centre is self funding!

Another of my favourite charities is the British Heart Foundation and on the goals front I’m looking to raise a tidy sum for them again this year.  Will all become apparent as the weeks unfold!  It may involve me throwing myself out of a plane again too (but that’s another story!)

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