How To Achieve Outrageous Business Success

Have you ever noticed that, in any industry, you will always find that there are a very small percentage of ‘top players’ in that particular field? Have you also noticed (and I bet you have) that what’s even more frustrating is that you may be 100% sure that you’re as…

good as them technically (if not better!) and yet that ‘outrageous’ level of success that they have seems to elude you?

Well if you have, and you’re a little frustrated by it, you’re definitely not alone in your thoughts!

Take the hypnotherapy industry for example.  If I asked you who’s top of this industry you may say Paul McKenna (and you’d be right – by a long shot).  Now Paul McKenna does get great results with very many clients, but does he get measurably better results than the hundreds or thousands of other ‘successful’ hypnotherapists in the same market?  Not necessarily.  But he could be described as ‘outrageously successful’ in this particular field – especially in terms of income.

Now most business owners, when they first start out in business, think that if they are outstanding at what they do, they will be highly successful at what they do. For instance, a hairdresser might believe that all they have to do is to be technically brilliant at cutting and styling hair and one day….just one day…they will be on a par with Vidal Sassoon and more!

Not so.

There are very many owners of small to medium sized businesses who are technically highly competent or even excellent at ‘what they do’ and yet they may make a modest living from their business, at best.

That’s because they don’t know the ‘secret’ to achieving outrageous success in ANY business, which is this:


“Those business owners who are the most successful in any market sector are those who are the best at marketing and selling themselves. They are NOT necessarily those who are technically best at performing the actual ‘function’ that their business delivers to their respective target markets”



Think about it.  Is ‘top brand’ designer clothing that costs ten times more than similar looking high street clothing necessarily ten times better in quality?  Yet certain designer ‘brands’ will also lead certain market sectors by a long shot in terms of income and brand visibility.

Having worked with (and presented to) very many businesses, as you may imagine I do get to hear some common comments.  Of late the dreaded ‘R’ word (‘Recession’) has been given time and time again as reason for poor business performance.  Yet, when we look more closely at their respective industry sector we may still find a proportion of the best in the industry are seemingly unaffected.

What is generally happening, more often than not, is that buying patterns for prospective clients in most sectors have actually changed but the business in question’s approach to market hasn’t.  As an example: with the advent of the internet prospects can now access (at great speed) more options for any product or service available that they might be interested in buying. Now, if you want them to choose you (as the perceived market leader in your area), you may need to further craft your marketing message to them.

Here’s a proven process to help you start repositioning your business ‘message’:

1. Differentiate yourself from your competitors.  On asking the question ‘so how are you different’ most business owners will tell me ‘Oh because….’.  My next question may then be ‘so how do you specifically know that?’  I may then find out that they have just guessed what their customers are thinking.

The only true way to truly discover this is to approach your existing client base and ask the simple question ‘Why do you buy from me/us?’  To which you will learn some very interesting responses that, I hope, may astound you – as many of my own clients have discovered when they’ve been prompted to ask the same question.   These differences will start to form your own uniqueness within your marketplace that (if used wisely in your marketing) will convince prospects to invest in you instead of your competition.

2. Boost your visibility and credibility among your target market(s).  Engage in activities that will establish you as an expert in your field. As examples: you could write articles in your local press, present to local groups and have your own e-newsletter (or hard copy newsletter).

3. Create a “Sales System” for your practice.  For those of you that have attended my presentations you may have picked up that I specialise in business systemisation in all areas of business – and one of these essentials is your own ‘sales system’.  If this is set up correctly it will generate a steady stream of qualified leads into your practice.  We can combine this with some effective PR to further elevate your business ‘success’ against your competitors.

4. Develop a ‘Back-End’ to your business.  This is also known as a ‘marketing funnel’ and has great potential for massive jumps in profit for most businesses.  Two additional questions for you to consider here: How do I increase the number of times my clients spend with me per annum?  How do I increase the average value of each spend?

Remembering at the same time that we are all about ‘ethical’ selling – i.e. how can I help my clients make the most of our business relationship together and deliver them an outstanding ‘all round’ service?

So, if you aren’t doing it already why not strive to be just a little more ‘outrageously successful’ with your business and be amazed at what starts to show up for you in terms of results!

Wishing you continued success,


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