Optimise Your Business. The Law of Precession

Here’s something for you to think about involving the work of Buckminster Fuller.  In fact,  one of his theories in particular called the…

‘Law of Precession’. There is a wonderful piece about a honey bee that relates beautifully to business.  Buckminster Fuller based his life on this effect.  The Law of Precession defined in very basic terms is this: For every action we take there will be a side effect arising at 90 degree to the line of the our action.  (to find out more just ‘google it!’)

Here’s the idea:

If we think about pollination, bee’s actually don’t intend to pollinate, yet they do so and benefit both systems – the Bee AND the Flower. The bee’s presence on a flower with the appropriate structure transfers pollen to the bee. The Bee is seeking energy (nectar) and finds it in a flower. The energy required for the pollen contact is not part of the intentional action and reaction, which is the bee gathering nectar. Buckminster Fuller theorised that the bee is getting a reward from nature because it is helping nature to reproduce plant life!

So Buckminster Fuller came up with the theory that if he dedicated himself to do something to benefit the world, then he would never need to worry about money again as he would always be looked after and rewarded by the Universe and that the Universe would provide for him and his family.  All he needed to do was to get passionate and ‘go do it’ (and ‘enough money’ would be the 90 degree side effect!).  Which he did.

This turned out to be a philisophy that worked out extrememly well for him for the rest of his life as he was very well financially rewarded. For more information take a look here:


So what’s the point of all this you may ask?  Well – how could you apply this law to your business? What would happen if you were very clear on your your true business passion (your ‘why’) and you were completely aligned with that passion?  How would you feel every single day when you went to work to serve and help others? What results do you think you’d gain if your passion was so great that any resistance that held you back previously was minimal compared to the positive drive you gained from your passion?

Too  simple?  Too good  to be true?  Try it!

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