What’s Really Going On In Your Business?

Here’s something for you to try!  Just watch the video below and then read on:

As you watched the video – what beliefs and assumptions came up for you as to what was happening (or about to happen)?

What were your perceptions as the video progressed?

Did anything change at the end of the video with your beliefs and perceptions of what you THOUGHT was going on (or GOING to happen) and then what happened i.e REALITY?

Whatever you’ve just experienced (and if you haven’t -that’s ok too!), how could you relate this to the day to day running of your business?

The fact is that many of us bumble through business with our own perceptions of what we THOUGHT we should be doing to take our business to the next level and then wondering why it’s just not working out as we have imagined (i.e. we’re just not getting the results we’re looking for on what we THOUGHT was GOING to happen).

Maybe…just maybe…our thoughts about what we need to do next in our business are based on our own belief systems, assumptions, perceptions and are not necessarily based on REALITY.  A common question I get asked is “We want more clients…but” and then there’s are string of reasons why they aren’t getting more clients…(based on their beliefs/assumptions/perceptions).  Then comes my reply – “so what are you doing proactively at the moment to get more clients?” – (REALITY CHECK).  Needless to say there’s ALWAYS a solution!

The REALITY CHECK is just what you may have experienced at the end of the video – when it all becomes clear and you go – ‘oh!’

Here’s the idea: How could you get more ‘oh’s’ in your business then?

To Your Success,


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