How to Make Money on the Internet When working with a number of business owners certain things come up time and time again! One of these areas is the regular question of…

‘How do I make more money on the Internet?’  The real question though seems to be more ‘how do I market myself more effectively on the internet?’.  And this poses another question:

Is a website a ‘glossy brochure’ or is it a marketing funnel?  Well, my answer would be that your website has one function and that is to funnel targeted prospects to ‘do something’ when they get there.  This may be to sign up for something free like a newsletter, information or purchase there and then.  It’s all about building ongoing relationships with clients.  I recieve the same feedback again and again though: ‘I have a website, but it’s not ‘doing anything!’

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With many people they don’t seem to know where to start, or end up paying someone to help them gain more ‘visibility’ in the website rankings but don’t get the results they’re looking for.  Now if you’re someone who just isn’t getting any where with internet marketing and want some simple, no nonsense information then take a look at our latest product: “The 121 Complete Guide to Internet Marketing – Everything You Need to Know to Market Successfully on the Internet”

So if you’ve been wondering all about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Merchant Services, Press Releases, Linking and RSS find out more in our 121 page guide…

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