Sales SUCCESS Master Class May Dramatically Improve Your Sales Results!

121 Sales SUCCESS – Level I is a one day sales Master Class with a difference.  It’s aimed primarily at…

business owners, their sales teams and also those who are just starting out in business.  I say ‘with a difference because’ my own experience of attending seminars and courses in the past was to be given a wad of information that I took back with me and put on the shelf to gather dust!

The first thing that you’ll notice with the 121 Sales SUCCESS – Level I Master Class is that it’s a highly interactive learning environment with like-minded business professionals who want to have increased success in sales.  During the day delegates are taken through a six step basic sales process, from beliefs and perceptions around the area of sales (which tends to hold most people back from gaining the results they so richly deserve) to the more practical areas – such as your sales process.  You may be surprised to learn that through many years working with many different types of businesses, I have noticed that VAST improvements can be effected just by working through this area alone.

Imagine this though: Would you bake a cake with just a few ingredients but no recipe and hope for the best?  If you did how do you think it might turn out? Would you get the result you were looking for? So why do people treat sales any differently?

Sales is like anything in life: to improve your sales results you need to improve your knowledge and take appropriate action.  The good news is much of the groundwork and techniques have been done for you already.  It’s just a matter of understanding and applying these to accelerate your sales growth.

This course will give you all the basics in sales, understanding why it’s NOT about the price!

More than that, imagine working through your own personalised six step sales SUCCESS Plan and your own 90 day Sales Action Plan to ensure progress once our first day together is complete.  Saying that though, the people that gain the most from these Master Classes are those that participate and then take action afterwards.  Although the meaning of ‘Success’ is different for everyone, the formula is the same: To increase success in sales here’s the Secret:

Increased Sales Success = Increased Knowledge + Increased Action

Are you interested in increased success in sales?  If so:


To Your Success,


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