How Your Behaviour can Affect Your Marketing – Part 1

 How Your Behaviour can Affect Your Marketing – Part 1

When we study the process of ‘communication’ we may begin to realise that successful marketing communications such as adverts, direct mail sales letters, brochures and proposals all tap into key…

characteristics of human behaviour.

As we are introduced to the following behaviours then we may also notice how much more effective our sales efforts may become:

1. We generally follow the ‘confidence’ of great leaders.

People tend to follow and support companies that they consider to be leaders in their field. Interestingly enough these images may be real, or simply well created ‘perceptions’.  What could this mean to any business aspiring to be a leader in their chosen field?  Well, once we have created the ‘perception’ that our business excels in a certain field it is essential that we make certain that this is continually reinforced to your team, existing clients and prospective clients.  This may be done through confident leadership and clarity of vision.

2. We mostly look for success by the reactions of others.

Also known as “the bandwagon effect!”.  We can maximise our business by asking for (and making use of) testimonials that we receive.  This is a simple marketing tool that can be used to further raise your profile.

3. We react more effectively under pressure of deadlines.

Maybe only 10% of sales letters and 2% of ads make use of this fact.  Good copy with genuine deadlines plus genuine reasons for them will dramatically increase your response rate.

4. We easily lose our sense of loyalty.

A great opportunity! If you are the only company that writes to your clients and prospects, even simply to say that you appreciate them, you’ll gain immense loyalty. Interestingly enough, our own clients (in retail, business-to-business, and professional practices) who’ve tried this powerful idea typically report that they are initially disappointed with the lack of reaction. With the right copy though, the sales that follow tend to prove the long-term power of this loyalty-building programme.

5. We are ‘enveloped’ in our own lives.

We all do it. We are so focused on what we’re about that we think everyone else should be too.  We think that our potential clients should be really excited about what we’ve got.  But they’re not.  They’re both distracted and excited by what’s happening in their own lives.  They really aren’t in the slightest bit interested in us until they see clearly what our product or service will do for them. (yes…it’s all about the benefits again!)

For those of you who have been to my seminars you will note that I continually reinforce ‘What’s-In-It-For-Me’ from the clients point of view. You literally have to break into their awareness and work hard at holding it. Then, follow this well used sales phrase that I was given very early on in my sales career “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell it to them, and tell them what you just told them.”

So what are you telling your customers about your business?

To Your Success,

Mike Yates

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