Sales Success Master Class – Results All Round!

The recent Bite-Sized Sales Master Class that was offered to a limited number of Business Owners proved to be a resounding success with many attendees hungry for more!  This success was both in terms of feedback, some instant results from those attending and also the £490 raised for Deafblind UK in Peterborough at the same time.

The numbers were limited to enable each attendee to give (and gain) maximum results from our time together.  It proved to be a close knit group of business owners

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Master Class on Friday and how it will  turn the way I operate my business around. I have been running my business for around 15 years and truthfully can say that I have held myself back with low expectations and inadequate business knowledge. Since the workshop, which was only Friday, I have already begun implementing new procedures and techniques to not only measure my success but to take my practice to another level.  With the imminent launch of my new program, I would say that this was just in time!! Exciting times ahead.
Thank you, Mary Stapleton CHyp
sharing information with each other in terms of sales – what was working (and what wasn’t working) in the current climate.  The first part of the Masterclass explored our beliefs and perceptions around selling and then we moved on with the basics of a sales system that each delegate could take away and use in their business.  As with all of our Master Classes, each person took away a specific plan for their own business in the area of sales and a basic sales system
“Mike, thank for an excellent training day last Friday which really did bring to light some old forgotten basics and brought some new and insightful issues to the fore. I’ve been in the sales area for over 20 years now and was fearful that I would learn nothing new. This was definitely not the case !”Best wishes,  Andrew Bacchus  Cert PFS

If you’d like further information on attending future Bite-Sized Master Classes to access business building information with like-minded business owners at a fraction of the cost of our 121 Bespoke programmes then please register your interest here

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